Nursing Restorative Program

The Rekai Centres is committed to enhancing the life of our residents by improving their sense of dignity, promoting independence, improving their functional abilities and preventing isolation.

The Nursing Restorative Program involves an interdisciplinary team of registered nursing staff, personal support workers, physiotherapist, restorative aides and the Director of Nursing Services. 
The following staff support the Nursing Restorative Program and have all received their certificate in Restorative Care Education from the University of Western Ontario—Canadian Centre for Activities and Aging:

Myra Andallo (Restorative Lead at Sherbourne Place)
Pearline Braithwaite (Restorative Care Aide, Wellesley Central  Place)
Elmer Cardozo (Physiotherapist)
Shalizeh Ghasemi (Restorative Care Aide, Wellesley Central Place)
Evelyn Inandan (Restorative Care Aide, Sherbourne Place)
Khai Nguyen (Registered Nurse, Wellesley Central Place)
Tenzin Woser (RAI Co-ordinator, Sherbourne Place)

The Nursing Restorative Program focuses on activities such as:

  • Range of Motion (Active/Passive)
  • Ambulation (Walking)
  • Dressing
  • Grooming
  • Toileting
  • Transfers
  • Bed Mobility
  • Self-feeding
  • Splint Care

Residents are assessed for eligibility into the Nursing Restorative program upon admission and whenever there is a change in status.  Assessments reflect the resident’s needs, their abilities and their willingness to follow through on the exercises involved.    In order to qualify for the program, the resident must be involved in 2 of the above 9 activities 6-7 days/weekly.  The progress is monitored monthly or as needed.  Under the Ministry of Health  and Long Term Care guidelines, only 5% of the resident population can  be considered for this program—roughly 6-8 residents per home.

Nursing Restorative Program

Nursing Restorative Program



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