Residents and Family Council

Residents Council

The Long Term Care Act, proclaimed in 2010, provides for the establishment of a Residents Council in every long term care home and that only residents of long-term care homes may be members of the Residents Council.

Both the Rekai Centre at Sherbourne Place and the Rekai Centre at Wellesley Central Place have active Residents councils which meet monthly.

The Residents Councils also hold Food Committee meetings on a regular basis to provide input on the menus recommended by the Food Services Manager.

Family Council

The Long Term Act also provided for the establishment of Family Councils.  Any family member of a resident or person of importance to a resident is entitled to be a member of the Family Council of a long-term care home.

The Rekai Centres were early adopters of the Family council model. 

The Family Council, under the leadership of Julie Foley, is very active at the Rekai Centre at Wellesley Central Place.  At the Rekai Centre at Sherbourne Place, the families have elected to hold family information nights quarterly.



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