Resident Safety

The Rekai Centres have adopted a policy of “least restraint”.  Physical restraints are to be the absolute and final solution after all other methods to control behaviours have been exhausted.

It is the belief of The Rekai Centres that residents have the right to be self-determining.  Restraints significantly impede the freedom and normal lifestyle of any individual.

Risks are a part of life, and as such, The Rekai Centres prefer a resident move about independently and encounter a reasonable amount of risk rather than be restrained in any manner and be totally dependent.  The benefits of using restraints must be balanced against potential physical and emotional complications, personal dignity, and resident rights must be protected at all times.

The right of freedom of movement cannot be infringed.

Safety devices such as posture pads, and seatbelts are used for resident safety following a comprehensive assessment of need.

Resident Safety


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