Snoezelen Program

Snoezelen therapy on 4 east is for those residents with developmental disabilities, dementia and/or brain Injury that require a place that is soothing and stimulating. This Snoezelen room is designed to deliver stimuli to various senses, using light effects, colour, sounds, textures, music and various scents.  Its aim is to maximize a residents’ potential to focus and engage on a motivational stimulus.  It is specially designed to reduce anxiety/pain (both physical and emotional) and other behavioural issues that are common in Long Term Care.

The staff on 4east are specifically trained to deescalate situations and provide a relaxing atmosphere for their residents.   The 4 east activity room can be used by anyone and a mobile cart is also available for those who require bedside therapy.

Tactile TherapyTactile Therapy
Light TherapyLight Therapy


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