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Providing the Highest Quality of Resident Care—the Abaqis Program

Abaqis is a program offered by Providigm, adopted by The Rekai Centres, to support Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s (MOHLTC) goals and objectives to provide the highest quality of resident care. The Rekai Centres is one of the 34 Long Term Care Homes in Canada using this system. In other words, we are ‘early adopters’ of this quality improvement tool.  Providigm is widely used by long term care homes and hospitals in the USA .

The Rekai Centres has received national accreditation for excellence in quality assurance and performance improvement (QAPI). This accreditation is evaluated and presented by independent accreditors, Providigm LLC.

The Abaqis team is composed of highly recommended, dedicated staff who is trained to implement this system. At Sherbourne Place, the Abaqis team is led by Jean San Luis, RN (BScN). With her are three RNs, two Registered Practical Nurses (RPN), and the home’s Resident and Family Services Coordinator. At Wellesley Central Place, Xian Montinola, RPN, oversees the Abaqis team. Included on his team are two RNs and two RPNs.

The Abaqis implementation is composed of two stages. Stage 1 focuses on gathering preliminary data through interviews, observations, and health record reviews. Gaps in care areas identified from Stage 1 trigger Stage 2 quality indicators. During Stage 2, the Abaqis team conducts in-depth audits to ensure that the care received by residents is in line with the Ministry standards. Triggered care areas are addressed by Sherbourne Place and Wellesley Central Place as part of our commitment to provide the highest quality of resident care.



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