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Quality Improvement Narrative

Wellesley Place (WCP 2015-16 vs. Ontario 2014-15)

WCP Quality Improvment Graph

Wellesley Central Place (WCP)
Improved Quality Indicators: “The Green”– 80% of all indicators

  • Falls
  • Daily Physical Restraints
  • Worsened or remained dependent in mid-loss ADL
  • Worsened mood from symptoms of depression
  • Taken antipsychotics without a diagnosis of psychosis
  • Has pain
  • Worsened pain

Action plans for the indicators are ongoing to ensure the improved results are maintained. Committees, care plan rounds and collaboration between different departments and other programs are continued to achieve consistency of care while looking for alternative methods to further improve care.

Stable Quality Indicators: “The Yellow”-10% of all the indicators:
It means that these indicators are within or slightly below the Ontario average.

Falls WCP 15%; Ontario 14.80%

  • The percentage of falls reflects the number of resident who fell within the last 30 days of assessment.
  • The Falls prevention program and committee are developed to meet the unique needs of the residents. Some residents, at high risk for falling, have elected to remain mobile accepting the risk of the increased opportunity to fall.
  • The population of WCP is aging and residents with significant cognitive skills are increasing which is also contributing to the increased rate of falls.

Worsened Indicators: The Red”- 10% of all the indicators:
These indicators are considered to be significantly worse than the Ontario average.

Improved or remained independent in mid-loss ADL (activities of daily living)WCP 7.70%; Ontario 30.50%

  • This percentage represents residents who have either improved or remained stable/independent since the last quarter.
  • MDS team has found that many staff has been improperly coding their day to day activities. Consistent auditing and educations have been implemented and is being maintained, this may result to an even lower score for this indicator before it stabilizes and will start to improve.
  • Physiotherapy is available for residents to improve and maintain residents’ independence and physical ability.
  • Restorative programs for qualified residents are currently being implemented in tandem with physiotherapy to promote further improvement in independence.
  • A restorative program room had just been completed and is expected to provide a wider range and more effective treatment.




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